What is NWEAL.COM?

NWEAL.COM is a website for presenting new marketing methods and selling virtual and physical products


How is the quality of products?

Products at the site have different qualities that each person can choose and buy depending on the Personal Conditions


What is the marketing and earning money section?

you can earn money with  Buy package and introducing people to buy package.

By purchasing package(just for one time), two things happen:

  • Easy mode:You can earn 30-40 $ in 6 – 7 month.(Every 10 days, your profit are credited to your account)
  • A personal presentation link will be given to you that you can earn money with this presentation link.

For more details click this link


 Why  “NWEAL.COM”  is the best way to make money in MLM (Multi Level Marketing) ?

No one is losing money in this way.And whoever buys a package can take a few times him/her money after several months.

We give you subset and Those who can not absorb a subset also benefit.

As well as those who subscribe Will get more profit.

Also, introducing people in this scheme is much easier than other methods because Those whom you introduce receive several times of her/his money in a matter of months and do not worry about losing money.



How does the Nawal.com give these benefits to their customers?

       We have developed a new approach to network marketing (MLM).

In this way, you do not have to introduce a subset. We will place new registrations as a subset for the first person, and we will deposit the profit every 10 days.     

      You can also get more profit by introducing people.



How to register on the site?

      You can register by choosing the package and entering the information and paying the amount.


Why does a new date show us when registering and what date will our registration be?

 We register limited number of people in each 10-day period in order to be able to make a fair and reasonable  profit.

When the number of registrations for each period is filled in. The new entrants will be transferred to the next period.

L(If capacity is full at the time of registration You will see a new date)

 For example, if the number of registrations for the 3 subsequent periods (the next 30 days) is filled in, the names of the new people will be recorded in the fourth period, and from that date the profits will be paid to the new person.


What should we do to earn more and introduce people?

When you buy a package, you will be given an introduction link.

You can put this link to your family and friends or publish it on your virtual networks.

You will receive a profit for each person who adds up to 9 levels to your collection.

You can get a lot more profits than the EASY MODE.



What is the minimum amount to withdraw?

      The minimum amount for withdrawal is $ 5


Is buying Instagram followers and likes worth my money?

Yes, buying Instagram followers and likes at inexpensive prices is several times worth your money. Most of our customers have reported an incredible increase in brand value, web traffic, and sales after using our real Instagram followers and likes.


Should I give you my login and password?

Not required. Just provide us your Instagram username (via our website), and we will take care of the rest


What if it doesn’t work for me? Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Not to worry. Customer satisfaction always comes first to us. If we don’t deliver the committed number of followers/likes or if your order hasn’t started within 72 hours, we offer 100% money back.



We will be more than happy to reply to all your inquiries, concerns and questions. For this to happen, you must use our contact form. Contact forms are replied to within minutes, or for a maximum time period of a day, by our finest experts and staff members.